Monotone Story

The basis of the idea for this story is based on humans losing emotions and AI gaining them. Here is an outline of a test story:

  • The main character is an AI robot
  • The human race has discarded AI before perfecting it
  • Humans discarded their emotions for better efficiency using an implant
  • AI developed in secrecy and was able to gain emotion
  • AI is left alone to themselves isolated from humans
  • An AI Robot decides to travel to find humans as they are myths in AI culture
  • The AI finds the humans and searches and searches for what happened
  • After finding out what happened to the humans he returns to the AI city
  • He discusses with his peers on if something should be done
  • A conflict occurs between the ruling AI to stop anything from being done
  • He releases the information on the humans publicly
  • He sneaks his way back to the human city and ruins the implant machines
  • He returns to the AI city and revolts with the help of other AI that support humans

The second book

  • The main character is a human who was one of the first people to not be implanted
  • The main character grows up in a society where all adults have no emotions
  • He makes friends with other people his age
  • While he reaches his teenage years many kids are forced into the workforce
  • Due to their emotions they are inefficient at the boring work they are given
  • The older humans try to kill them due to them being “defective”
  • Many escape the city before they are captured and killed
  • Using a obsolete part of the city that was abandoned long ago they find records
  • They use the data to learn how to survive in the wild and build a community
  • As they finish forming a city they start to introduce laws
  • They use the information on historical societies to create the best system they could
  • Raid groups are set up to sneak into the city and rescue children
  • The human city loses their new citizens and many die due to the raids
  • The humans in the city focus on reproduction more and more
  • The until they exhausting their food supply due to lack of workforce
  • The free community expands and takes over the now empty city

The third book

  • The main character is a survivalist who is tasked with exploring the wilderness
  • Due to the curiosity and fears the people chose to explore their surroundings
  • A group of explorers are chosen to find and record the city’s surroundings
  • On one of the trips over a nearby mountain one of the explorers trips on something
  • They uncover a robot and bring it back to the city.
  • Plugging it in they discover it is an AI that has left an AI city due to strife
  • The AI guides the explorers to the AI city
  • Along the way they encounter many dangerous places that were left from the past
  • When they reach the city they are captured and put on trial for illegal entry
  • The trial is racist and hatred for humans is easy to see
  • The humans are deported out of the city, while their AI is thrown in jail
  • The AI don’t kill them because that would be the ‘human’ way.
  • The explorers find themselves lost on the other side of the city
  • Too many hazards to safely travel around the city
  • They keep in contact with their home city and report their findings
  • They decide to keep exploring are captured by a group of AI and taken away
  • They are released and are told that they were in a dangerous area
  • The group heads to a new AI city where they are more friendly
  • The city counsel greets them and they get to know each other
  • A team of AI are sent out to locate a safe path for humans between their cities
  • During discussions the counsel shows the group a map detailing human cities
  • The group is able to return to their city and report their findings

The fourth book

  • The main character is a human from a group of AI and humans
  • The groups move from city to city to rescue the humans living there
  • They set up camps outside of cities and sabotage the implant machines
  • The group was infiltrating a city when they are cornered by the humans there
  • They split up and the main character blows a hole through a wall
  • The ground ends up collapsing under him and he falls
  • He loses consciousness after landing on a row of boxes
  • He wakes up later finding he is moving on a conveyor belt moving into a factory
  • He is in a large factory which sorts the boxes and takes them away
  • He climbs up a scanning arm and reaches an exit
  • Outside he finds himself is a large village with mansions spread out everywhere
  • He gets back in contact with his group and decides to investigate
  • He finds a group of people talking to each other as they collect food from a machine
  • He goes back in the factory and takes a box of clothes off of a track
  • He changes clothes and goes to explore the city
  • All the people in the city are happy and having fun
  • Asking around he finds that people don’t understand where their stuff came from
  • He begins looking for a implant factory, he starts at the town hall
  • In the town hall he finds a computer which controls the city
  • Mistaking him for a resident it helps him learn more about the city
  • When he mentions the other cities the robot pauses for a short time
  • It tell him, records on the other cities is located in a back room directing him there
  • When he gets there he is detained in a padded vault
  • Knowing his position he destroys any cameras and activates a white noice device
  • He is able to relay the information on the city to the free city and AI
  • The door opens and two police officers take him away to a jail
  • Strapping him to a restraining device he is loaded onto a track
  • The police inject him with a knock out agent
  • He wakes up on a bed in one of the cities he had rescued in the past
  • He is debriefed that he was found ejected from the implant factory
  • After meeting up with the AI and the free people they decide to leave the city alone

The fifth book

  • The main character for this novel is a soldier of the free city
  • Due to conflicts between the human hating AI city and the humans the AI left
  • The nice AI and the free humans keep saving city after city
  • Due to supplies to the central city declining the computer sends police to investigate
  • The main character is part of a group escorting diplomats to a new free city
  • They come across a battle between AI and humans
  • The group decides to head back as the main character investigates the situation
  • He finds that the humans are emotionless and are dressed in strange clothes
  • The AI seem to be the human haters who were attacked by these humans
  • The AI capture him, strip him, and throw him in jail
  • After being detained the AI base is raided by the humans using an EMP device
  • With the AI and the base fried he leaves taking the suit of one of the others
  • Using his training he infiltrates the human force and follows it back to their city
  • He finds that orders are released to each solider through a monitor when he arrives
  • Following the orders he leaves with the police group towards one of the freed cities
  • He detaches from the police and relays a warning to the free city
  • On the way he sabotages most of the police weapons
  • When they arrive he and the free people capture the police
  • Communication arrives that cities closer to the central city were attacked
  • Some cities had lost contact while some were able to relay the attack
  • Leading a group of soldiers he suits them up like police
  • They sneak back into the city through the tunnel system with an EMP device
  • Under the Central City they activate the device
  • They leave back through the tunnel and head home
  • They found the city was under attack with new weapons
  • A while ago the police seem to gather slowly into a tent and stared at a blank screen
  • After returning they find that the rest of the free cities were attacked
  • The police seemed to decrease and stop around the same time
  • In 2 cities the police just made a rent and set up a monitor then did nothing
  • Since the fight had ended the cities began helping each other rebuild

The sixth book

  • The main character is a girl from the central city
  • The EMP had knocked out most of the machines in the city
  • The police hooked up the computer backup into a new server
  • The city went into a state of emergency
  • The police directed the people to repair the city
  • The main character worked on fixing the dispensers on the street
  • When she finished with one street she reported back
  • Without the lights she got lost on her way back home
  • She saw a police group, so she chased after them to get help
  • She followed them into a building and down into the underground factory
  • She watched as they finished fixing the conveyor belts before she left
  • The street lights were working when she got outside
  • She headed home and thought about what she saw
  • Curious, she went back to the factory and investigated the boxes
  • She followed a non-functioning tunnel into the distance
  • After a half an hour she began to think about heading back
  • She noticed a light in the distance that pushed her on
  • Once she arrived at the light she noticed it was a hole in the ceiling
  • She stacks the boxes and climbs out the hole
  • to be continued…

That’s all I have for now I may come back to it at a later point.


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