Shooting RPG

Looking at the way some shooting games level up players seems to be overly simplistic and has a hard cap. My method of leveling in a FPS RPG would increase the level based on the player’s skill. Players gain experience whenever they leave the battlefield, either through death or leaving the battle. Players experience gained is calculated based on:

  • N – Number of hits
  • H – Hit percentage
  • K – Kills
  • C – Hit combos

Using a equation similar to:

a*K + b*C/N + c*H – d*Level

Also I feel there should be experience for more than just overall skill. I feel that using a rocket launcher should not really garner 100% effect towards snipers or other weapons. I feel that the experience gained should go into a few categories, from most effect on game-play to least:

  • Accuracy – Effects all weapons
  • Style – Effects weapons of that type
  • Expertise – Effects weapons of that model
  • Bonding – Effects only that weapon

I feel that any weapon should increase the overall skill with aiming, where weapon types are used in different ways, Using a single type of weapon can make it really easy to be more precise, each weapon has its own attributes and wear pattern that if known can be taken into account when using it. All of these are reasons why I feel that experience should be split up to the different categories.


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